The Rock Show Is On The Road…

DBT April 10th, 2012

Coming off an awesome couple of shows in Birmingham this past weekend DBT begins a well timed run of Rock Shows through Florida and on up the coast before the tours finale onRecord Store Day in Atlanta on April 21st. Check out the set lists from last weekends ROCK in the Magic City and if you are in the South East or in possession of an airplane or car make sure you
get to the spring 2012 version of the Rock Show while you can.

April 6th, Workplay Theatre,Birmingham,AL

After the Scene Dies,Marry Me,Birmingham,Self-Destructive Zones,Buttholeville–>State Trooper,Where the Devil Don’t StayTornadoes
A Ghost to Most,Aftermath USA,Love Like This,Heathens,Women Without Whiskey,Ronnie and Neil,Get Downtown,Sinkhole,
3 Dimes Down,Hell No, I Ain’t Happy,Encore:Birthday Boy,Girls Who Smoke,Zip City,Dead Drunk and Naked,Guitar Man Upstairs,
Lookout Mountain,People Who Died

Listen To Big Tom’s Recording Streaming On Our Home Page Below

April 7th, Workplay Theatre,Birmingham,AL

I Do Believe,Gravity’s Gone,Puttin’ People on the Moon,When the Pin Hits the Shell,Wednesday,Uncle Frank,Everybody Needs Love,Cartoon Gold,Box of Spiders,Women Without Whiskey,A World of Hurt,A Ghost to Most,Goode’s Field Road,Where the Devil Don’t Stay,Used to be a Cop,Self-Destructive Zones,Hell No, I Ain’t Happy,Encore:Marry Me,The Company I Keep,Zip City,Let There Be Rock,Shut Up and Get on the Plane,Angels and Fuselage

Download Big Tom’s Kick Ass Recording Here

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  1. Jim Godfrey Says:

    See you in Wilmington at the Rock Show. Contact me and I will bring the band a bottle of The Macallan.

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