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Protect Downtown Athens – Patterson Hood and the Downtown 13…

Posted by Mark Lynn on January 31st, 2012 filed in DBT, Paterson Hood, Protect Downtown Athens”>

Lifted with pride and permission from the DBT Facebook Page:
As some of Y’all might know, an out of town developer is attempting to build a huge mixed use development right next door to our beautiful downtown Athens. The location is a prime piece of land nestled up between our historic downtown and our river, greenway […]

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Taking A Break From Them Pretty Road Cases(If Only For One Night)….

Posted by Mark Lynn on January 31st, 2012 filed in DBT, Jay Gonzalez, Pretty Road Cases, The Ezy B

Coming up this Thursday night at the Fabulous 40 Watt ThunderCrack will be performing a set of Springsteen songs. At this point you might be going cool but who the hell is Thundercrack? Consisting of members of DBT’s road crew and also including Jay Gonzalez and The Ezy-B’s twin brother Ted Morgan(The T-B) Thundercrack will […]

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Around The 40 Watt Light…

Posted by Mark Lynn on January 29th, 2012 filed in David Barbe, DBT, Jay Gonzalez, Matt D Rocks, Mike Cooley, Neff, Paterson Hood

What we have here is more evidence that the recent DBT Homecoming was indeed one of the best ever. Check this amazing playing by Neff during The Tough Sell,some just exactly right bottom end from David Barbe and The Ezy-B and Jay Gonzalez in all the right places and that’s even before you get to […]

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Always Print The Legend…

Posted by Mark Lynn on January 21st, 2012 filed in DBT

From the 101st DBT show in Athens. One of my favorite moments from the 2012 Homecoming run.

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Yes He’s Got A Video…

Posted by Mark Lynn on January 18th, 2012 filed in Jay Gonzalez

Jay Gonzalez just put out an awesome new solo record called Mess Of Happiness. Check out the tunes for free on The Jay Gonzalez Record Player and if you like it the whole record it is available to download for only six bucks(red bathrobe not included). I was lucky enough to pick up a hard […]

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Alabama Shakes Rocking The 40 Watt…

Posted by Mark Lynn on January 17th, 2012 filed in Alabama Shakes, DBT

Behold if you will the mighty Alabama Shakes doing a little Heavy Chevy from this past Friday night at The 40 Watt when they opened for DBT. I can’t ever remember seeing everyone including all members of DBT watching the entire set from the opening band.Thanks to the 3DD film crew,everyone from DBT,and everyone at […]

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Three Dimes Down Gives To Nuci’s Space…

Posted by Mark Lynn on January 17th, 2012 filed in just thinking happy thoughts and breathing deep

Thanks to everyone on our message board who gave so generously to make this happen. Each and everyone one of you guys are the best.  Your generosity and true sense of community helped to make the 2012 Homecoming Shows the best ever.

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This Is Why You Go To The Rock Show…

Posted by Mark Lynn on January 16th, 2012 filed in David Barbe, DBT, Jay Gonzalez, Matt D Rocks, Mike Cooley, Neff, Paterson Hood, The Ezy B

I can’t ever remember seeing a harder rocking version of Lookout Mountain than the one I saw Saturday night at The 40 Watt. With the mix in the room dialed in just right and David Barbe holding down the bottom end and really inspiring the band to take it up,Jay’s B3 piping in those parts that seemed like […]

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Night Three At The 40 Watt The Wildest I’ve Ever Seen…

Posted by Mark Lynn on January 15th, 2012 filed in DBT

The Fourth Night Of My Drinking,Get Downtown,Life In The Factory,72,Bulldozers And Dirt,The Deeper In,Uncle Frank,Lookout Mountain,Cartoon Gold,Goode’s Field Road,Women Without Whiskey,The Southern Thing,3DD,The Company I Keep,Marry Me,Hell No I Ain’t Happy, E: Birthday Boy,Sink Hole,Self-Destructive Zones,Buttholeville,Zip City,Let There Be Rock,Shut Up And Get On The Plane,People Who Died

Stream Or Download Sloan’s Recording From Night Number 3 […]

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Putting Smiles On Faces At The 40 Watt On Night Number Two…

Posted by Mark Lynn on January 14th, 2012 filed in DBT

Carl Perkins’ Cadillac,The Tough Sell,Where The Devil Don’t Stay,The Buford Stick,Get Downtown,Ronnie And Neil,Cartoon Gold,Box Of Spiders,Too Much Sex (Too Little Jesus),Pulaski,Everybody Needs Love,Women Without Whiskey,Puttin’ People On The Moon,Gravity’s Gone,Play It All Night Long,Marry Me,Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love,Zip City,E:Used To Be A Cop,Birthday Boy,Your Daddy Hates Me,Self-Destructive Zones,Let There Be Rock,Shut Up And Get […]

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