This Is Why You Go To The Rock Show…

I can’t ever remember seeing a harder rocking version of Lookout Mountain than the one I saw Saturday night at The 40 Watt. With the mix in the room dialed in just right and David Barbe holding down the bottom end and really inspiring the band to take it up,Jay’s B3 piping in those parts that seemed like they were always there even though they weren’t ,Patterson leading the charge ,Cooley being Cooley as only Cooley can do,the rock solid power of the big beat from The EZY-B,and the secret weapon Johnny Neff on motherfucking fire. DBT as good as it get’s right here.

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  1. Rob Says:

    Only one I would argue for was on May 15, 2008 at the Music Farm in Charleston. Probably the best version of Lookout Mountain I’ve ever seen. If there’s any way to get that recording, please post. Thanks.

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