Long Time Ago…

To celebrate 100K likes on the book of face DBT has posted a long out of print 1990 Adam’s House Cat record. Head over to the DBT Facebook page to hear what Cooley and Patterson sounded like back in the early 1990’s. Adam’s House Cat’s Town burned Down contains the original versions of Lookout  Mountain,Buttholeville,and the I can’t stop humming very infectious should have been at least a college radio staple in a perfect universe three minute and thirty three second Runaway Train. Love it(and like it).

Adam’s House Cat-Town Burned Down:

Lookout Mountain,Town Burned Down,Runaway Train,Elvis Presley Stole My Car,Down On Me,6 O’clock Train,Buttholeville,Child Abuse,Picture Of Elvis Cured My Cancer,Kiss My Baby,Love Really Sucks,Long Time Ago,Cemeteries


2 Responses to “Long Time Ago…”

  1. Kelsey Says:

    any chance someone can record it somehow? I would really like to have it in my itunes

  2. Bovine Knievel Says:

    Any chance these might be available as MP3 or flac?

    Thanks for posting the link

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