DBT’s One-Handed Troubadour Tour(The Movie Version)….

DBT, Patterson Hood August 31st, 2011

Here’s an update from Patterson proudly taken from the DBT Facebook page. Get thee to a unique Rock Show in the next two weeks especially if you are Courtney Cox


Last Wednesday, I fell down and cut my hand.

Fifteen stitches in my left palm.

Wish I had a cool story, but I don’t.

The movie version would have me getting cut by a bottle of rot-gut whiskey in a bar fight.

No doubt defending the honor of someone or another.

My heroics bookended by a scene of me carrying my hand for reattachment by a disgraced former surgeon in the back of a grimy tattoo shop because lack of insurance would preclude being seen by a real doctor.

I would be brave and not cry or complain.

Hurling would be out of the question.

Ahh, the movie version.

Unfortunately, the truth is kind of tame, lame even.

I was picking my daughter up at first grade, carrying a bottle of water.

I tripped and fell (in front of her entire class).

I fell, shattering the glass which I then duly landed upon, pushing

shards up into my hand.

My fucking left hand.

Fifteen stitches in my palm.

No biggie. No cut tendons or damaged muscle. Missed that artery (bled like a stuck pig though).

Hurts like hell, but it won’t long and I will be as good as new in a month or less.

Unfortunately, I can’t play guitar for a few weeks and we have a tour beginning this week.

In the words of Three Dog Night, “The show must go on”.

My friend Kevin told me, as I was bleeding all over the playground, awaiting my ride to the Emergency Room, “You guys have too many guitar players anyway.”

Nonetheless, to insure everyone’s Premium Rock and Roll Experience, we have recruited our friend Will Johnson, from Centro-matic to fill in on guitar, covering the SG through a Fender Vibro-King parts.

I will be in full front man mode, on other words, it’s dancing shoes time.

I always wanted to be Phil Mogg, and for the next couple of weeks…

We only have Will Johnson through New Orleans, then we will have to improvise, but that’s one of the things we do best, so STAY TUNED.

So come out to this, hopefully once in a lifetime DBT Show.

We guarantee you a great time and a Premiere Go-Go Extravaganza that you’ll be telling your Grandkids about (maybe sooner than later).

Oh and Bob, the 9th is my son’s birthday and it’s GO TIME.

Long Live Rock and Roll and Country Soul.

Captain Hook

(Patterson Hood)

(or is it Dr. Hook?)

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