If You Build It Back Up,It Will Get Rocked…

DBT August 14th, 2011

Georgia Theatre Friday August 12th
The Fourth Night Of My Drinking,Uncle Frank,Puttin’ People On The Moon,Get Downtown,Ronnie And Neil,72 (this highway’s mean),Dancin’ Ricky,Santa Fe,A Ghost To Most,Sandwiches For The Road,Women Without Whiskey,Everybody Needs Love,Cartoon Gold,Box Of Spiders,3 DD,
Dead Drunk And Naked,Guitar Man,Sink Hole,Marry Me,A World Of Hurt,E:) Zip City,Steve McQueen*,Shut Up And Get On The Plane,Angels And Fuselage

* w/ Todd McBride – vocal

Stream Or download Sloan Simpson’s excellent audience recording.


Georgia Theatre Saturday August 13th

Lookout Mountain,Marry Me,Life In The Factory,Carl Perkins,Dancing Rickey,Tornadoes*
72*,Heathens*,Women Without Whiskey,Tales Facing Up,Love Like This,The man I Shot
Gravity’s Gone,Used To Be A Cop,Birthday Boy,Go Go Boots,Get Downtown,Hell no I Ain’t Happy**,E:Mercy Buckets,Zip City,Let There Be Rock***,Buttholeville****,People Who Died****

*Scott Danbom on fiddle **w David Barbe ***With David Barbe, Scott Danbom, Will Johnson & Dancing Gorilla ****All of the above plus Scott Baxendale on guitar

Stream Or download Sloan Simpson’s excellent audience recording.



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