9:30 Club Gets Two Perfect Rock Shows…

DBT February 20th, 2011

Friday 2/18/11  9:30 Club,Washington,DC

Ray’s Automatic Weapon,3 DD,Life in the Factory,Uncle Frank,Puttin’ People on the Moon,Pulaski, Dancin’  Ricky,Heathens,One of These Days,Got To Give Pretty Soon,Cartoon Gold,Box of Spiders,Carl Perkins’,Feb. 14,Get Downtown,I Told You,Go-Go Boots,The Weakest Man–>Panties in Your Purse,Nine Bullets,Women Without Whiskey,Play it All Night Long,E:Hummin’,Used to be A Cop,Marry Me,Let There Be Rock,Zip City,Buckets of Mercy,People Who Died

Stream or Download Alex Leary’s excellent audience recording from 2/18.

Saturday 2/19/11  9:30 Club,Washington,DC

Boys From Alabama,Where The Devil Don’t Stay,Do It Yourself, Gravity’s  Gone,Company I Keep,When The Pin Hits The Shell,Sinkhole,Self Destructive Zones,Go-Go Boots,Birthday Boy,Where’s Eddie,The Sands Of Iwo Jima,72,Everybody Needs Love,Ghost To Most,Dead Drunk And Naked,Guitar Man,Hell No I Ain’t Happy,E:Used To Be A Cop,Cartoon Gold,Bulldozers And Dirt,Love Like This,Mercy Buckets,Marry Me,Let There Be Rock,Shut Up And Get On The Plane,Lookout Mountain

Stream or Download Alex Leary’s excellent audience recording from 2/19.

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  1. Sophie Says:

    This is incredible. How on earth is this an audience recording?

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