Sometimes Late At Night…

DBT, The Go-Go Boots Episodes February 9th, 2011

Get your Go-Go Boots next week at an independent record store for a FREE bonus EP. Available for a limited time at Indie Record stores in the USA and at Rough Trade Records in the UK starting this Friday leading into Patterson and Cooley’s acoustic in store performance (Friday at 7pm) and also available for pre-order on the Rough Trade website. Available in the USA at indie record stores starting Tuesday February 15 as a limited edition free gift with the purchase of Go-Go Boots. To see a list of participating stores CLICK HERE. Track Listing:
1. When I Ran Off And Left Her (Vic Chesnutt Cover From Go-Go Boots Session)
2. Used To Be A Cop (Recorded Live In Atlanta)
3. Everybody Needs Love (Recorded Live In Madison)
4. Get Downtown (Recorde
d Live In Atlanta)
5. Mercy Buckets (Recorded Live In Atlanta)
6. Buttholeville/State Trooper (Recorded Live In Atlanta)

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