Brooklyn Bowl Gets Rocked…

DBT December 31st, 2010

DBT dressed up as themselves(not cops like the last time I saw them stateside) rocked The Brooklyn Bowl last night. A great show in a very unique venue made for one unforgettable show and one of my favorite nights of rock all year. Oh and Patterson’s dad David Hood sat in on bass for Dancing Ricky,Respect Yourself,and a triumphant Everybody Needs Love.A late night DJ set from Biz Markee followed the show! You can’t make this stuff up. DBT’s final To-Do at Terminal 5 should start around 9:45 tonight and will be featured live in it’s entirety on Sirius XM’s Outlaw Country. If you do not have Satellite radio you can try it for FREE. Happy New Year and see y’all tonight on the satellite.

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  1. Ken Favaro Says:

    Last minute, I went to the Terminal 5 DBT Show. I have been following the band since the beginning and things get better & better! The NYE show had it ALL! Especially SUPER SONIC VOLUME!!! I tried to get word to Mr. David Hood that we would have loved to have the band & crew finish up their merriment @ Manitoba’s on Ave. B between 6th &7th. Manitoba’s is a great bar and “family” spot owned by Handsome Dick Manitoba,of the great DICTATORS! I went there after the show to cool down my ears. The Handsome One wasn’t around but there was a nice regular crew and also David Peel (Lower East Side),Jeff Magnum (Dead Boys) and Jesse Mallin to add to the “star quality”- I know-big deal, but old stories to rock LOVERS like DBT sometimes can be interesting. Any way, next time the DBT are in town, let me know and we’ll have a nice party @ the Lower East Side. Cheers, and GREAT show! It’s refreshing to hear a band play with such passion and a real desire to rock-out for their friends and fans!

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