4 Years Ago Tonight…

DBT, Jason Isbell April 29th, 2010

Four years ago tonight after a fine opening set by The Drams(where they covered I Am The Cosmos) DBT played a monster set at Stubb’s. Jason came out solo to start the encore and dropped Dress Blues onto these ears and eyes for the first time. I went from full on rock show mode to well lets just say the very opposite of that in a matter of a few seconds. It seems like this was way longer than four years ago and a much different time. This is one powerful song that maybe means more now than it did back then when that other fucker was still in the white house. As the song ended I found myself thinking we can all go home now.How in the hell can anything follow this? Patterson came out and said “somebody had to say it” and say it Jason did in Austin,Texas. Point taken. Dress Blues was followed in the encore by The Living Bubba and I didn’t think anything could have followed and worked but damn if it didn’t. After that we got Zip City and Let There Be Rock and of course People Who Died. With some retrospection this was pretty much one of the best encores I’ve ever seen from DBT. The recording I made from the audience is available for streaming right now on our mp3 player and the Dress Blues clip is really worth watching if you haven’t seen it or seen it in awhile. The entire show was filmed and multi-tracked. If DBT ever decides to release a live record/DVD or an archive series type of thing this one should be a contender.

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