Latest Update On Big To-Do Vinyl Problems…

DBT April 24th, 2010

Concerning Vinyl Defects (an update):
YES, we are still working on replacing the defective vinyl copies.
Thanks for your patience. Believe me, we are very eager to get this
past us.
As far as the time frame,
We just approved the new test pressing this week.
This time, we brought in extra ears, including some of the earliest
people to complain about the issue.
Everyone has signed off on the new one (it sounds great).
Now it is at the manufacturer, so it’s kinda out of our hands as to
how long it will take, but hopefully they will get it done ASAP.

As for what to expect, we will (as far as I know) replacement discs in
plain sleeve so you can replace the copy in your cover.
You’ll get to keep the defective one as a souvenir.

Thanks for the concern someone mentioned about it costing us.
Yes it is, as we approved the defective one so we’re eating a lot of
the cost, but our main concern is making it right to our supporters.
We have been cut some slack along the way by the other involved
parties and we certainly appreciate their help.
ATO has been super supportive and helpful. (THANKS!)

Now we’re hopefully in the homestretch in putting all of this behind
us so we can get on to better things (like Rock Shows).

Thanks again for the patience and Thanks for supporting vinyl and DBT.
Long Live Rock!
Patterson Hood / Drive-By Truckers

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