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The Pedal Steel Conjures How I Feel…

Posted by Mark Lynn on February 2nd, 2012 filed in Jay Gonzalez, Patterson Hood, Protect Downtown Athens, The Ezy B

Patterson,The Ezy-B,and Jay Gonzalez along with some help from The Futurebirds took to the rooftops of Athens to protest the building of a new Walmart a stones throw away from downtown. Standing on top of Wuxtry Records for a live run through of After It’s Gone not only did they pass the audition but more importantly they took the cause right […]

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Protect Downtown Athens – Patterson Hood and the Downtown 13…

Posted by Mark Lynn on January 31st, 2012 filed in DBT, Patterson Hood, Protect Downtown Athens”>

Lifted with pride and permission from the DBT Facebook Page: Y’ALL: As some of Y’all might know, an out of town developer is attempting to build a huge mixed use development right next door to our beautiful downtown Athens. The location is a prime piece of land nestled up between our historic downtown and our […]

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