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Exit Stage Neff…

Posted by Mark Lynn on December 27th, 2012 filed in DBT, Jay Gonzalez, Neff, You Can't Make This Stuff Up

John Neff who goes back to the beginning of DBT announced that he was quitting DBT today on his Facebook page. All I know is that with Luther Dickenson will be on hand for New Year’s Eve and Jay Gonzalez can play guitar and write songs and that this weekend at The 9:30 Club will […]

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State Of The Hood…

This was posted on the DBT Facebook page : Greetings and Thanks from Patterson / DBT Y’ALL: First I want to Thank everyone for the amazing tour we just had and the one before that etc. Thanks to everyone who came out and Rocked with us. The majority of the shows were SOLD OUT and nearly […]

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Note About Boulder And Aspen Shows…

Posted by Mark Lynn on March 10th, 2012 filed in DBT, Neff

From The DBT Facebook Page: Y’ALL: John Neff will not be playing with us tonight in Boulder or tomorrow in Aspen due to a family situation. His Grandmother is very ill and he flew up to New Jersey to be with her and help his Mother. We will miss him but will be playing the […]

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Watch Out For Buford…

Posted by Mark Lynn on February 26th, 2012 filed in Alabama Shakes, DBT, Jay Gonzalez, Mike Cooley, Neff, Patterson Hood”>The

I never remember how much I love The Buford Stick until well every time I hear it. Follow that up by a ferocious Get Downtown with some amazing playing by Neff and Cooley,some precise just exactly right banging by Patterson and Jay and well you have another highlight of the middle night of the 2012 […]

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Around The 40 Watt Light…

Posted by Mark Lynn on January 29th, 2012 filed in David Barbe, DBT, Jay Gonzalez, Matt D Rocks, Mike Cooley, Neff, Patterson Hood

What we have here is more evidence that the recent DBT Homecoming was indeed one of the best ever. Check this amazing playing by Neff during The Tough Sell,some just exactly right bottom end from David Barbe and The Ezy-B and Jay Gonzalez in all the right places and that’s even before you get to […]

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This Is Why You Go To The Rock Show…

Posted by Mark Lynn on January 16th, 2012 filed in David Barbe, DBT, Jay Gonzalez, Matt D Rocks, Mike Cooley, Neff, Patterson Hood, The Ezy B

I can’t ever remember seeing a harder rocking version of Lookout Mountain than the one I saw Saturday night at The 40 Watt. With the mix in the room dialed in just right and David Barbe holding down the bottom end and really inspiring the band to take it up,Jay’s B3 piping in those parts that seemed like […]

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The Go-Go Boots Episodes – Episode 6: A Visit From A Friend…

Posted by Mark Lynn on February 3rd, 2011 filed in DBT, Jay Gonzalez, Neff, The Go-Go Boots Episodes

“The things that I’ve been shooting at are getting all too real.” Episode 6 is all Ray’s Automatic Weapon and there’s not one lame Ewok to be seen. And if you pay attention you get to see how DBT’s secret but not so secret automatic weapons in the way of Jay Gonzalez and John Neff […]

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Posted by Mark Lynn on January 12th, 2011 filed in DBT, Jay Gonzalez, Neff, Shonna Tucker, The Ezy B, The Go-Go Boots Episodes

I Hear You Hummin – Acoustic – Go-Go Boots – Drive-By Truckers from Drive-By Truckers on Vimeo. Setting a new standard for unplugged is this performance from Jay,Neff,and The EZY B, with Shonna on this sublime take of I Hear You Hummin. Great recording and camera work here with a one hundred percent acoustic take […]

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