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State Of The Hood…

This was posted on the DBT Facebook pageĀ : Greetings and Thanks from Patterson / DBT Y’ALL: First I want to Thank everyone for the amazing tour we just had and the one before that etc. Thanks to everyone who came out and Rocked with us. The majority of the shows were SOLD OUT and nearly […]

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Watch Out For Buford…

Posted by Mark Lynn on February 26th, 2012 filed in Alabama Shakes, DBT, Jay Gonzalez, Mike Cooley, Neff, Patterson Hood”>The

I never remember how much I love The Buford Stick until well every time I hear it. Follow that up by a ferocious Get Downtown with some amazing playing by Neff and Cooley,some precise just exactly right banging by Patterson and Jay and well you have another highlight of the middle night of the 2012 […]

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Alabama Shakes Rocking The 40 Watt…

Posted by Mark Lynn on January 17th, 2012 filed in Alabama Shakes, DBT

Behold if you will the mighty Alabama Shakes doing a little Heavy Chevy from this past Friday night at The 40 Watt when they opened for DBT. I can’t ever remember seeing everyone including all members of DBT watching the entire set from the opening band.Thanks to the 3DD film crew,everyone from DBT,and everyone at […]

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