Cooley/Hood Indeed…

English Oceans

 March winds of 2014 will bring us the long awaited follow up to Go Go Boots in the form of a brand new DBT record titled English Oceans.Due March 4th in the US and March 3rd in Europe this is DBT’s 12th record and the first with the retooled lean and mean line up of Hood,Cooley,Morgan,Gonzalez,and Patton.With David Barbe at the helm once again laying it all down on glorious analog tape English Oceans consists of thirteen songs,six of which are brand new Cooley originals plus Cooley’s take on Patterson’s Till He’s Dead Or Rises(!!). English Oceans also has what has to be the best and most fitting Wes Freed cover art ever.Even more amazing I believe is that it’s the first Wes cover not specifically commissioned yet fits the record like it was made for it.Maybe Wes picked up one of those space time continuum loop things? Also the news is out of a weeks worth of European Rock Shows this spring with tickets going on sale Friday December 6th. Check out the details of DBT’s kick ass new record over at Rolling Stone and join in the discussion over on our message board.

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