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DBT’s One-Handed Troubadour Tour(The Movie Version)….

Posted by Mark Lynn on August 31st, 2011 filed in DBT, Patterson Hood

Here’s an update from Patterson proudly taken from the DBT Facebook page. Get thee to a unique Rock Show in the next two weeks especially if you are Courtney Cox… Y’ALL: Last Wednesday, I fell down and cut my hand. Fifteen stitches in my left palm. Wish I had a cool story, but I don’t. […]

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Where There Is A The Will There Is A Jay…

Posted by Mark Lynn on August 29th, 2011 filed in Jay Gonzalez

Jay Gonzalez has a record called Mess of Happiness coming out November 11th and the first song The Will is available now for download and you get to name the price. I love it and so will you. The Will by Jay Gonzalez

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If You Build It Back Up,It Will Get Rocked…

Posted by Mark Lynn on August 14th, 2011 filed in DBT

Georgia Theatre Friday August 12th The Fourth Night Of My Drinking,Uncle Frank,Puttin’ People On The Moon,Get Downtown,Ronnie And Neil,72 (this highway’s mean),Dancin’ Ricky,Santa Fe,A Ghost To Most,Sandwiches For The Road,Women Without Whiskey,Everybody Needs Love,Cartoon Gold,Box Of Spiders,3 DD, Dead Drunk And Naked,Guitar Man,Sink Hole,Marry Me,A World Of Hurt,E:) Zip City,Steve McQueen*,Shut Up And Get On […]

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Hell Yeah They Played The Shit Out Of Buttholeville…

Posted by Mark Lynn on August 5th, 2011 filed in DBT″>Angels

The entire rock show from The WC Handy Festival has now been posted to the youtube. Thanks so much to will24411 for getting this done and MSTaper for the awesome audio and of course DBT for having such a cool taping policy. Make sure to at least check out the show closing just exactly perfect version of […]

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Lord Have Mercy On Muscle Shoals…

Posted by Mark Lynn on August 3rd, 2011 filed in DBT

I’m loving this video shot by MSTaper and his boy will24411 from Saturday’s rock show in The Shoals. Patterson’s dad on bass and DBT doing Eddie Hinton(sounds about like the best idea for an album since the one that ends in 500 miles an hour slow motion with the angels in the trees).To listen to Saturday’s panel […]

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New Tour Dates..

Posted by Mark Lynn on August 2nd, 2011 filed in DBT

New October tour dates were announced today for the midwest. With two sold out rock shows at the newly reopened Georgia Theatre first up here’s how we looking heading towards the end of summer and on into the fall: Fri Aug 12 Athens, GA Georgia Theater GRAND OPENING w/ Centro-Matic Sat Aug 13 Athens, GA Georgia […]

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