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Well check out this one being run by Nuci’s. You can win handwritten lyrics by Patterson Hood and Mike Cooley. Just click on the link to enter

DBT Homecoming 2023 Lyrics Raffle

Drive-By Truckers founders, Patterson Hood & Mike Cooley, have generously agreed to offer handwritten lyrics to one of each of their songs in their continuing support of Nuci’s Space!

There will be 2 winning numbers drawn for the raffle.  

The first winning entry will win handwritten lyrics for “Shake & Pine” from Patterson Hood.

The second winning entry will win handwritten lyrics for “Every Single Storied Flamout” from Mike Cooley.

$5 = 1 entry for the raffle

 Contributions of $50 and above doubles your entries!

For example: $50 = 20 entries, $100 = 40 entries, etc.

Raffle ends March 30th at 11:59 EST. Winners will be announced March 31st at the Heathens Hangout at Cine and can be picked up in person or will be shipped if the winner isn’t present!

Just click here


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You might want to mosey over to Nuci’s Space on Saturday April 1 from 12:00-4:00 for the annual auction of DBT memorabilia and other Rock n’ Roll related items. It’s a great social event and a fantastic time. And don’t forget to partake of the Heathen cookout (bring cash). You need to store up energy for the finale later that night.

Nuci’s Space 396 Oconee Street

Join your hosts, members of the Three Dimes Down community, for an afternoon of music & raffles, all to benefit Nuci’s Space.
$5 (CASH) suggested donation for Jay’s set. The raffles will also be CASH only.
Doors at 1:00, Jay Gonzalez at 1:30, raffle drawing between 3-3:30.

Friday, 3/31
Cine Athens
234 W Hancock Ave, Athens, GA

All are welcome!

Bobby Matt’s Dial Back Sound Showcase. Don’t miss it

2023 Nuci’s/Homecoming fundraiser and DVD/Blu-Ray offer

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Hey folks. You still have time to order a sweet dvd/bluray of the 4/7/22 Homecoming show. Just follow the link below the poster


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Here’s a clip from the recent Homecoming

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When He’s Gone–9:30 Club

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1/2 A Gram Later I Was Hearing Cooley Loud…

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The DBT Rock Show made a two night stop at the 9:30 Club last weekend. Due to a little learning,luck,and half sense we have some killer 3DD shot video and audio of DBT blowing shit up on night two. Enjoy!

The Rock Show Rises…

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The English Oceans tour officially begins tonight in Raleigh followed by Rock Shows Saturday night in Richmond and Sunday in Delaware.  For another little taste of what the new songs sound and look like live check out this 3DD video from the recent 40 Watt shows of Til He’s Dead Or Rises. The part where Patterson comes in at the end of the chorus with “UNTIL HE’S DEAD……” is pure badass if you know what I mean. English Oceans is DBT’s highest Billboard debut to date coming in the first week at sixteen! I can’t ever remember being more pumped for shows and spirits are indeed high all over so by all means get to a show if you can. See y’all at the Rock Show tonight(and all over).

English Oceans Out Everywhere With A Bullet…

English Oceans is out officially today to the best reviews and reception DBT has had since maybe they started off a record with a song about sister fucking. When I checked this afternoon on Amazon’s best seller list English Oceans was sitting at number 4  behind the Frozen soundtrack,Beck,and Pharrell(!). DBT’s good friend Jason Thrasher was on hand at the 40 Watt a few weeks ago with his cameras the night before the homecoming shows started and he released this one today.  Hood is playing that red SG like a man possessed which is the sure sign that he’s getting off and that this is a great Cooley song. Jay is ripping on his red SG and the EZY-B and Matt Patton are in the pocket with big smiles all the way around. David Barbe recorded the audio on this live take so turn it up if you can. DBT!