Drive-By Truckers 2002-05-06 Melkweg Amsterdam, Netherlands sbd

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Drive-By Truckers 2002-05-06 Melkweg Amsterdam, Netherlands sbd

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Drive-By Truckers
May 6, 2002
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Disc 1:
01 [Intro]
02 Sink Hole
03 Hell No, I Ain't Happy
04 Marry Me
05 The Living Bubba
06 Zip City
07 Don't Cock Block the Rock
08 Let There Be Rock
09 Road Cases

Disc 2:
01 [Patterson Talks]
02 Bulldozers and Dirt
03 Nine Bullets
04 The Southern Thing Intro
05 The Southern Thing
06 My Sweet Annette
07 Heathens
08 Women Without Whiskey
09 Shut Up and Get on the Plane
10 Ronnie and Neil
11 72 (This Highway's Mean)

Soundboard Recording.
Exact source/taper info is unfortunately unknown, but it's most
likely taped by Jan de Bever and/or Michiel Oudendijk.

I recieved the show in a CDR trade.
Extracted from CDR to FLAC with EAC.

This is a very nice SBD recording from DBT's first trip to

Band Line-Up:

Patterson Hood - vocals, guitar
Mike Cooley - vocals, guitar
Jason Isbell - guitar, vocals
Earl Hicks - bass
Brad Morgan - drums

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