The Trouble With College Sports, Part MCXXI

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The Trouble With College Sports, Part MCXXI

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In a shop window on my walk to the 40 Watt there is a big display offering a limited edition of 300 signed prints depicting a key moment in UGA's college football championship game. They are priced at $500 each with all proceeds going to ... Like many of you, I assume, my mind immediately filled in "the general scholarship fund/the athletic scholarship fund/ the building fund, whatever. Nope. The money is going to go to the NIL Fund. For those of you unfamiliar that's Name, Image, Likeness, the corrupt NCAA's current scheme to get some money to the players they exploit so the schools don't get slammed with antitrust and all kinds of other lawsuits. I know I don't come from a big school, big sports background nor do I live in a hotbed of bigtime college sports. But seriously? This is what people want to devote their time and effort to raise money for?

Please get back to me when you can explain what this has to do with the University of Georgia's educational mission.

Edited once to correct the number of copies for sale.
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