Ryan Adams Bio Due In September

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Kudzu Guillotine
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Re: Ryan Adams Bio Due In September

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For anyone that may be interested, here's a review of the book by Independent Weekly music editor Grayson Currin (who also penned this article on the Truckers that I posted here last year). For whatever it's worth, David Menconi and Grayson have a bit of a history, which you can read more about in Menconi's blog entry about this particular review.

Ryan Adams and Caitlin Cary perform at WKNC in Raleigh. This January 1995 set is
Whiskeytown's second archived show, according to ryanadamsarchive.com.

Photo by Ross Grady

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Re: Ryan Adams Bio Due In September

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I've been exchanging emails with Menconi after he contacted me out of the blue recommending his book after somehow managing to find and read my Ryan Adams/Whiskeytown reviews on my website. Seems like a great dude. I was planning on picking up a copy of his book anyway but I ordered it. It got here a couple days ago and I'm about halfway through it. It's good so far. It's entertaining reading all the stories about the weird shit Ryan used to do at shows/to his friends/girlfriends.

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