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Putting Smiles On Faces For A Shoe…

Posted by Mark Lynn on April 20th, 2011 filed in DBT, Jay Gonzalez, The Ezy B

Patterson,The Ezy-B,and Jay played a party at Billy Reid in New York City last night for the launch of the Billy Reid’s new K-Swiss kicks. And if you happen to possess a time machine the setlist even comes with a quaalude.
Pollyanna,Uncle Disney,I Do Believe,Heathens,Miss Me When I’m Gone,My Sweet Annette,Tales Facing Up,The Deeper In,Old […]

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I Am The Ezy B,I’m Gonna Show You How To Do It Yessiree…

Posted by Mark Lynn on March 31st, 2011 filed in The Ezy B

What the hell does Gene Simmons grabbing some ass,Rock You Like A Hurricane,Midnight Star,and Iron Maiden Cassettes have to do with anything in the year 2o11? Step inside for a rare and funny interview with The Ezy B:
Greenville native and Drive-By Truckers drummer Brad Morgan has an excellent Gene Simmons story.
In the early ’90s, […]

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Posted by Mark Lynn on January 12th, 2011 filed in DBT, Jay Gonzalez, Neff, Shonna Tucker, The Ezy B, The Go-Go Boots Episodes

I Hear You Hummin – Acoustic – Go-Go Boots – Drive-By Truckers from Drive-By Truckers on Vimeo.
Setting a new standard for unplugged is this performance from Jay,Neff,and The EZY B, with Shonna on this sublime take of I Hear You Hummin. Great recording and camera work here with a one hundred percent acoustic take on […]

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Let There Be Drums…

Posted by Mark Lynn on June 22nd, 2010 filed in DBT, The Ezy B

Check out this photo of the Ludwig booth taken at this year’s NAMM show. Note the bad ass display in the background featuring our very own The Ezy B. Thanks to Ed Magruder over on the DBT Facebook page for the photo. Click on the picture to make it bigger.

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