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State Of The Hood…

This was posted on the DBT Facebook page :

Greetings and Thanks from Patterson / DBT

First I want to Thank everyone for the amazing tour we just had and the one before that etc.

Thanks to everyone who came out and Rocked with us. The majority of the shows were SOLD OUT and nearly all were extremely well […]

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A Blending Of All The Ups And Downs..

Posted by Mark Lynn on April 20th, 2012 filed in DBT, Matt Patton, Mike Cooley

Hot off the tape and right out of the can and onto the YouTube is this version of Carl Perkin’s Cadillac from Wednesday night at The Norva. If you turn this one up to at least eleven it’s sure to get you to banging your head maybe about half as hard as Matt Patton does.

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Stone Temple Cooley…

Posted by Mark Lynn on April 17th, 2012 filed in DBT, Mike Cooley

Check out these two new STP commercials featuring Cooley narrating over Lookout Mountain and also Where The Devil Don’t Stay. This is a pretty bad ass way to earn some mailbox money. But what would be truly bad ass would be if I could get him to record my my cell phone greeting”…call me back […]

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1-2-3-4 Down In Alabama…

Posted by Mark Lynn on April 4th, 2012 filed in Mike Cooley, Patterson Hood

  The Rock Show is back this weekend as DBT begins the second half of their spring tour at the Work Play Theatre in Birmingham on Friday. The Workplay was the site of Cooley’s now classic pair of solo shows in December and is basically a hometown gig for the Stroker Ace.Also on Thursday night […]

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Cooley Is Hard To Beat…

Posted by Mark Lynn on April 3rd, 2012 filed in just thinking happy thoughts and breathing deep, Mike Cooley

Between shows at The Earle last February Cooley taped a little solo set for Paste Magazine. His five song set consisted of A Ghost To Most,Women Without Whiskey,Eyes Like Glue,Birthday Boy,and a cover of Behind Closed Doors. Head over to Paste to watch the complete performance.

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Watch Out For Buford…

Posted by Mark Lynn on February 26th, 2012 filed in Alabama Shakes, DBT, Jay Gonzalez, Mike Cooley, Neff, Patterson Hood”>The

I never remember how much I love The Buford Stick until well every time I hear it. Follow that up by a ferocious Get Downtown with some amazing playing by Neff and Cooley,some precise just exactly right banging by Patterson and Jay and well you have another highlight of the middle night of the 2012 […]

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The Boys From Alabama Solo…

Posted by Mark Lynn on February 21st, 2012 filed in Mike Cooley, Patterson Hood”>ZZ

If you also like your trucker’s on the solo tip look for Patterson at The Double Decker Festival in Oxford Mississippi on April 28th on a festival bill that also includes Iron And Wine,Mavis Staples,Deer Tick,and The Funky Meters. Patterson will be headlining The Finster Festival at Howard Finsters’s Paradise Garden in Summerville Georgia on Cinco […]

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Around The 40 Watt Light…

Posted by Mark Lynn on January 29th, 2012 filed in David Barbe, DBT, Jay Gonzalez, Matt D Rocks, Mike Cooley, Neff, Patterson Hood

What we have here is more evidence that the recent DBT Homecoming was indeed one of the best ever. Check this amazing playing by Neff during The Tough Sell,some just exactly right bottom end from David Barbe and The Ezy-B and Jay Gonzalez in all the right places and that’s even before you get to […]

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This Is Why You Go To The Rock Show…

Posted by Mark Lynn on January 16th, 2012 filed in David Barbe, DBT, Jay Gonzalez, Matt D Rocks, Mike Cooley, Neff, Patterson Hood, The Ezy B

I can’t ever remember seeing a harder rocking version of Lookout Mountain than the one I saw Saturday night at The 40 Watt. With the mix in the room dialed in just right and David Barbe holding down the bottom end and really inspiring the band to take it up,Jay’s B3 piping in those parts that seemed like […]

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Cooley Solo In Athens…

Posted by Mark Lynn on January 4th, 2012 filed in Mike Cooley

  Because three Cooley solo shows are always better than two,Cooley will be following up his shows at The Earl in Atlanta on February 22nd and 23rd with a Friday night performance at The Melting Point in Athens on February 24th. Tickets go on sale this Thursday January at 10AM. Here’s hoping the Stroker Ace continues to play more […]

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