Solo Acoustic Gold…

DBT November 30th, 2012

And just like that we find out there is a new live Cooley solo record coming out December 11th. Called Fool On Every Corner,the live set was recorded by David Barbe over three shows earlier this year with just Cooley,his guitar(and maybe a bottle). If you want to join in on the discussion or find out about other Cooley live shows then join us over on our message board where other people are also looking at the track list and wondering where the fuck Zip City is.

1 – Loaded Gun In The Closet
2 – Cottonseed
3 – Guitar Man Upstairs
4 – Cartoon Gold   5 – Pulaski
6 – 3 Dimes Down  7 – Eyes Like Glue
8 – Carl Perkins Cadillac
9 – Behind Closed Doors
10 – Marry Me
11 – Where The Devil Don’t Stay
12 – Shut Up And Get On The Plane
13 – Drinking Coke And Eating Ice



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