Cooley’s Got Some Quiet Storm In His Ass…

A new Cooley song was just posted on the official DBT site. If you are thinking,shit man maybe this is the long awaited follow up to Zip City called Zip City 2 well you are a bit out of luck. What we have here is more I’m Gonna Get You In The Mood And We’ll Take A Shower In The Nude than one of those quadruple entendres like “whiskey’s hard to beat” ┬áClick here to play and then sit down and talk about it with us over on our message board because we gonna talk about it over there,we gonna get into it(after we get off at the gas station,of course).Words and music man,words and music.

One Response to “Cooley’s Got Some Quiet Storm In His Ass…”

  1. La Canadienne Says:

    Dear Mike Cooley,

    It’s none of our business who you sleep with, and I honestly thought I didn’t care, but when you got into bed with the Republicans for a minute, I thought to myself, “GROSS…” An actual whorehouse would have bothered me significantly less, if at all.

    But you pulled your hand out of the cookie jar fast enough and you made us all think and you made us all laugh, so I guess as long I never have to see you in a feather boa again, all is forgiven.

    And of course this isn’t the sequel to Zip City. That will only come when the young men start showing interest in your daughter. It will be called “Zip II, The Reckoning; Mr Reynolds Wrap may have had a point and I may actually have been the asshole…” But how can we judge you for being a young, mean-spirited dickhead, when such a masterpiece of a song came out of it?

    You, Mike Cooley are one talented, Teflon-coated motherfucker…

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