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Patterson Hood April 5th, 2012

The latest word from the Hood may have gotten trapped in the inner tubes of the inner web last week and bounced around but it came out at the exact right time so as not to disturb the space time continuum of the Rock Show. Basically if you want to see a Rock Show before the end of the year then the South East is a good place to be. Behold:


Home and unpacking and catching up from a very successful March Tour with about a week and a half before the April Tour begins. I want to Thank our dear friend Matt Patton for kicking total ass out there with us. Looking forward to Rocking a lot more with him next month (and beyond).

Great tour, with a majority of shows selling out and crowds that were not only big, but really big fun to play for. Thanks also to Robert Ellis for putting on a great show every night. His album “Photographs” is killer and well worth checking out if you haven’t already..

Thanks to the mighty Booker T. Jones for coming out to the LA show and joining us for our encore set. I can’t even describe the feeling of being about half way through a version of “Green Onions” on stage and realizing that Booker T. is standing right there behind me throwing it down. Truly one of the greatest songs of the 20th century and he wrote it as a teenager. It was already a classic when I discovered it in a key scene in the movie American Graffiti. I was 8 and still can vividly remember the moment when that song came on and I have been in love with it ever since. Scarily enough, Booker has probably written better songs, but few will ever write one so monumental. Cheers (until next time).

Now we are about to embark on another tour and it should be just as killer. We kick off in Birmingham (it’s been years) playing Workplay with our dear friends Centro-matic. This is a historic pairing, as our two bands are best friends and it really happens all too rarely (and probably won’t again for a very long time). Then they will high-tail it down to Florida with us for a week or so of Rock and Hijinks before parting our company. Then we are joined for the final part by Megafaun. I have been a huge fan if that band since their 2009 album and their self-titled last one is in my top 10 for last year. I got to see them live in Toronto a few years back and it’s a fantastic show. Don’t Miss.

We will be ending this run with a Homecoming of sorts at The Tabernacle in Atlanta. We haven’t played that room in 3 1/2 years and it’s been quite a while since we even played Atlanta. It’s a great room and although it won’t be the very last show of the year, it is close. After this run we will only be playing a few sporadic one-offs and maybe a weekend or two for the remainder of the year and possibly well into next year.

Thanks again to everyone out there for all of your continued support. The band will be laying low in the coming months, but all of us will be very busy. There should be some good things to announce in the coming months so please stay tuned. Get out and get those tickets and lets bring this thing home in style.

See You at The Rock Show.
Patterson Hood
Drive-By Truckers

PS: Our dear friends ALABAMA SHAKES‘ debut album is finally about to come out on April 10 on ATO Records. It’s an excellent record and well worth checking out. BEST OF LUCK TO THEM!

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