They Packed A Big Ass Club Called The Orange Peel…

DBT June 27th, 2011

three week run ended on as a high note as I can recall. After rocking the fuck out of The Brooklyn Bowl,a perhaps era defining TV performance on Letterman and a strong showing at The Norva there was still way more than enough rock in the tank for the deliverance of two sold out Rock Shows at The Orange Peel. Check out Gordon Wilson’s excellent audience recordings on the archive or download on e-tree. Read all about it over on our message board.

DBT  The Orange Peel,Asheville, NC 6/24/11

The Southern Thing,Uncle Frank,The Buford Stick,Self Destructive Zones,Play It All Night Long,Pin Hits The Shell,Dancin’ Ricky,Everybody Needs Love,Pulaski,The Deeper In,Bulldozers and Dirt, Ghost To Most,A World Of Hurt,3 Dimes Down,Company I Keep, Marry Me,Lookout Mountain,E:Cartoon Gold,Too Much Sex (Too Little Jesus),Get Downtown,Drag The Lake Charlie,Zip City,Dead, Drunk, and Naked,Guitar Man

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DBT  The Orange Peel,Asheville, NC 6/25/11

Gravitys Gone,Life In The Factory,Uncle Frank,Go-Go Boots,Birthday Boy,My Sweet Annette,Pulaski,Where’s Eddie,Everybody Needs Love,A Ghost To Most,The Righteous Path,Women Without Whiskey,Mercy Buckets,Cartoon Gold,Box Of Spiders,The Weakest Man,Used To Be A Cop,3 Dimes Down,Hell No, I Ain’t Happy,E:Where The Devil Don’t Stay,Let There Be Rock,Marry Me,Buttholeville,Shut Up and Get on the Plane,Angels and Fuselage

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