Surprise Rock Show Announced At The Brooklyn Bowl…

DBT June 16th, 2011

We all know DBT is always on location,touring around the nation but we didn’t know until justĀ  now that they are playing The Brooklyn Bowl this coming Monday June 2oth. Tickets are now on sale and get ‘em while you can. The Rock Show they played there last December was certainly one of my favorites of the year mainly because of the very unique and kick ass place that is The Brooklyn Bowl. And if they invent one of those transporter things like on Star Trek between now and next Monday I will see y’all there.

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  1. Redneck Yankee Says:

    This was possibly the best Truckers show i’ve ever been to. It was the most energy I’ve ever seen them have.. the most fun they ever looked to be having. Their roadie is the man! He jumped into the crowd and put those two d-bags in their place!!!

    And what about the guy who tried to stage dive?? Haha, that was awesome.

    I can’t believe they played when the pin hits the shell

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