Terminal 5 Destroyed By The Final To-Do,Lookout Philly…

DBT, The Big To-Do January 1st, 2011

Set 1:The Living Bubba,Women Without Whiskey,Santa Fe,Birthday Boy,The Deeper In,One Of These Days,The Fourth Night Of My Drinking,Where The Devil Don’t Stay,Drag The Lake Charlie,Gravity’s Gone,Dead, Drunk & Naked,Guitar Man,Lookout Mountain,The Flying Wallendas (wBindlestiff Family Cirkus)

Set 2:Bulldozers And Dirt,A Ghost To Most,Hell No I Ain’t Happy,Happy New Year!!!,Let There Be Rock,Dancin’ Ricky,Respect Yourself,I’ll Take You There,
Take Time To Know Her,3DD,Ronnie And Neil,Self Destructive Zones,Puttin’ People On The Moon,Marry Me,Sink Hole,Zip City,The Company I Keep

Encore:Delta Dawn,Everybody Needs Love,Shut Up And Get On The Plane,Buttholeville->State Trooper,Angels And Fuselage

*w/Special Guests David Hood,Kelly Hogan,a horn section,circus people flying all over,fire trucks and donkeys.

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