Webisode 9:The Flying Wallendas…

DBT, The Big To-Do, Webisodes July 7th, 2010

With the greatest of ease,webisode 9:The Flying Wallendas hit the You Tube today. A song about a family of acrobats as well as a metaphor for life in a traveling band,The Flying Wallendas is another one of Patterson’s great cinematic movie songs like The Monument Valley. Webisode 9 is more centered on the song and has less dialog interspersed than I believe any of the other webisodes from The Big To-Do. As The Ezy B says “how heavy it is.” I only wish that they could have nailed down that cool into that Jay plays now and put that on the record. Of all the songs on The Big To-Do, The Flying Wallendas is the biggest grower on me and I loved it the first time it was ever played here in Richmond back in August of 2009 . Tell us “how heavy it is” over on our message board.

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