New Patterson Interview…

DBT, Patterson Hood June 25th, 2010

One of my favorite people and 3 DD forum member Lurleen McQueen recently had an opportunity to interview Patterson:

In a recent e-mail to fans, you wrote, “This has been my favorite tour of the last twenty five years or so…” Why?

PH: [I’m] really enjoying playing the new songs and the energy level they bring to the show. [I] really love how the band is all playing together and the whole shape of things right now. I think the bar is raised higher than ever and our worst show all year so far would be a top shelf show any other year (at least from my perspective).

It’s cool that we have two new albums so as the tour progresses, we are slowly working up and working in some of the newer songs, which keeps the tour fresh to us well into next year. The new album is called Go-Go Boots and some of my favorite stuff is on that one.

To read the complete interview head over to the very fine and very liberal Alabama Ass Whuppin blogspot(we really like that very liberal part!)

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