Some People Just Suck…

…Like the guy who stole the DBT banner last night in San Diego. See below and if you are reading this and it’s you return that thing and don’t come around here no more. Don’t piss off the Boys from Alabama asshole,you know they won’t let it slide. I’m copying this from the DBT myspace page:

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Open Letter to the Guy who stole our backdrop in San Diego:

OK guy, let’s assume you were drunk and just being a stupid idiot for
a night.

Shit Happens. I’ve done stupid shit while drunk too (although never as
badly as you did the other night).

Let’s just say, we know who you are and I’d like to offer you the
chance to redeem yourself and perhaps save yourself some hurt.
Drive-By Truckers is not some faceless corporate conglomerate. We are
very much a family business.

One that is running its affairs on a hairline budget during these
tough economic times.

We’re making a living, but we have to watch every penny to do so.
In short, you just stole about a thousand dollars from our children
and that really pisses me off.

Especially since we were personally hospitable to you when you sneaked
backstage last night.

That’s Right. We know who you are and saw the film, in fact we have it
in our possession.

See, House of Blues is a big corporation so everything everybody does
there is on tape from many angles.

We know your face and what you were wearing and we have you on tape
stealing our backdrop.

We know what you do for a living too.

We will go to the authorities and prosecute you fully.

Or, you can send us back our backdrop. Anonymously. No questions asked.

Mail it immediately to
PO BOX 667

Oh and don’t ever do it again, because we will be watching out for you,

Yours Sincerely and Pissed,
Patterson Hood
Drive-By Truckers

One Response to “Some People Just Suck…”

  1. Theo Feig Says:

    Well?… did he COME STRAIGHT… or is there gonna have to be an ass kickin’…. do tell

    See ya in Louisville…


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