I Already Told You I Didn’t Speak Spanish…

DBT April 29th, 2010

Looks like Later…With Jools Holland wasn’t the only stop on DBT’s recent trip across the pond.Check out the link to this review of what appears to have been a showcase or short appearance for french TV. I dig the fresh perspective and lets just say pretty damn perceptive first impression of “with three guitars they cannot be wrong.” The reviewer also really loves him some Neff. Maybe in Europe one day they will have a Neffville. Sounds like the kind of place Pepe Le Pew might visit after he went to¬† the casbah. Also looks like a European tour is in the works for November when we can only hope they’ll have some time for sight seeing. Head on over to the message board. Not only are we gonna talk about it but we are gonna get on into it.

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