The Righteous Path…

DBT, Mike Cooley, Patterson Hood April 25th, 2010

On The off chance that you don’t subscribe to Teamster Magazine there is a new interview with Patterson and Cooley where they discuss their union roots and not forgetting where they came from:

A lot of your music deals with issues that working families are also dealing with. Why is that?

Patterson Hood: We’re very much a working-class band. I was nearly 40 before I ever crossed over the poverty line. Worked multiple shitty jobs to support myself and played nights, weekends, whenever I could. I finally quit my job and hit the road full time but nearly starved and was once homeless for a few months. I got lucky and now make a decent living for doing what I love, but I still have to grapple with health insurance issues and a very erratic pay schedule. We mostly all have kids now so there’s a lot more weight and responsibility along with what we do.

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