Update On The Big To-Do Vinyl Problems…

DBT, Patterson Hood, The Big To-Do March 26th, 2010


As everyone knows we, Drive-By Truckers, are huge vinyl fanatics and are proud to release our records in that best of all formats. We always go all out for high quality, employing world renowned mastering engineers and using the best of the best manufacturing plants. Our records cost a little more than many because we go the extra mile on all aspects from the making to the mailing.

Therefore, we’ve been perplexed and very upset to hear that some fans have heard problems with some of the albums. I approved the master myself, so I initially thought maybe it was some very limited quirk in the system, but further investigation has turned up some issues that we’ve been working overtime to correct.

Because of all of this, we have pulled them from circulation, postponed the official vinyl release to stores, and will be pressing up corrected copies to replace any defective ones that were purchased. Everyone, from the label ATO, to the mastering engineer and the pressing plant have been most helpful and concerned and we are all committed to making this right.

Please be patient, as it is all taking a little bit of time. Hopefully, in the meantime those with defective copies can make do with the free CD that was included. A well pressed album, if cared for properly can last a lifetime and we are all committed to getting this one to you as soon as humanly possible.

If you are one of the unsatisfied vinyl owners, please contact us at vinyl@drivebytruckers.com BY FRIDAY APRIL 2 (please include your order number in the email) and we will cover the costs to get replacement discs out to you as soon as we can get them manufactured. Please know that we MUST know by FRIDAY APRIL 2 so that we can properly place the order for those who are hearing issues with their copy of the record.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience and are totally committed to getting all of you the highest quality record that money can buy.

Yours in Rock,
Patterson Hood / Drive-By Truckers

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